The highest level of stop-loss

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cashbackforexbtc am most reluctant to tell their own operat Eastforexcashbackg theories and methods because my method East forex cashback different I never use any indicators, forexcashbackcalculatore any! All technical theories and methods I do not use, but almost all technical analysis methods I will In my opinion, technology is like smoking, although many people will, but is not a good habit; I will smoke, but there is no need to follow the crowd to catch the vice because of the contrary to the people, so one cashback forexeaks out, will cause a lot of controversy This is also the reason I do not want to tell because I do not have time to reply So many questions about the trading circle of many friends, really sincere so that I am very touched This is the reason why I talk about the operation method today stop loss of the highest state in the mind to see all the phases of non-phase, that is, to see the Buddha Any method of having for, there will be a certain range of application, there will be certain limitations high state of stop loss in nothing for nothing to have for as the basis, the two can not be separated stop loss is the overall stop loss is the highest stop loss stop loss no fixed The method of some friends will say, to some specific in fact, the highest stop loss can not be described specifically, a description will become tangible things, tangible things will be easy to cause all kinds of misunderstanding, which I do not want to say specifically, and can not let everyone understand I must first clearly tell you is that I say below the stop loss its method is wrong! Because the high level of the method as long as the paper will definitely be wrong! You must not think that there is really a specific fixed maximum stop-loss method! To apply the format of the scriptures, you can say this: the highest stop loss, not the highest stop loss, is the name of the highest stop loss you must not learn my specific method, but to learn only my ideas! One, the highest level of stop loss in the heart, see all the phases are not phases, that is, to see as the heart when selling stocks do not believe in their own eyes, but to believe in their own hearts most stockholders, selling stocks have a misconception, that is, to wait to see clearly before selling in fact, and so see clearly, in most cases it is too late for example, a stock when we come to a conclusion after rigorous thinking, it should be sold at this time do not care about the stock now Whether a big rise, whether the indicators are going well, whether the performance is expected to be good do not be blinded by the various superficial phenomena seen by the eyes the wisdom of our hearts and quiet slightly cite an example: once, I bought a wide range of electronic, after buying found that the main force is in the shipments, coupled with the general market is not good, I decided the second day out of the stop-loss second day of the market soared, almost all the stocks opened with a stop, I opened on the throw out I do not want to Look clearly and then throw, because I have thought through all the technology at this time must be to the good, at this time the policy must be to the good, I do not look, I threw, that day the broad is the opening sealed in the stop, I also sell it I believe my judgment, I do not quite believe my eyes two, stop loss is first of all the overall stop loss I think what kind of stop loss method should be taken and the operators merit has an extremely close relationship stop loss should be based on The operators strength as the basis, so to speak, the soul of the stop loss is the operators strength, rather than the way the stop loss so different strength of the operator to take different stop-loss methods, different timing, different situations should also take different stop-loss methods Conversely, today, such as short-term operations break the 5 day line stop-loss method, seems to have become a variety of levels of operators, a variety of situations can be used in the method without question, this type of A one-size-fits-all stop-loss method is not scientific! This is one of the reasons why I said in the previous article that there is no fixed stop-loss method I believe that the real stop-loss must be organic and holistic, there is no stop-loss method that exists separately from the operators overall operating power! The first rule of the supreme stop loss is: when the event develops beyond the operators ability, the stop loss must be implemented This sentence contains two main meanings: 1. When the stock trend has developed to their own ability to perform a good grasp, you must stop loss For example, once I bought Silver Plaza, after buying this stock even pulled three yang, when I told a friend I wanted to sell, the friend was surprised to ask I‘Why sell? It went very well ah & rsquo; I replied: the three days of the rise are within my ability, I can judge and analyze but tomorrow it no matter how to go, I can not judge its future trend I only earn my ability to earn money, I never do things beyond their ability the second day, the opening I threw out todays many stockholders, where is the speculation, obviously in gambling when their own mind When in doubt, has not been able to judge the market, still hold the stock not throw, I think that is the non-point 2.  When for objective reasons they can not operate, must stop loss For example, once my computer is broken, friends home can not go, has not been able to well analyze the hands of the stock trend, I immediately sold all the stocks, although the stock is rising some friends will say, do not have to be so anxious to sell it, wait for the computer I cant sell again when Im better? Relying on fluke, is what I have never opposed three, advanced stop-loss and ordinary stop-loss practical difference: 1.  Advanced stop-loss is active active stop-loss, not passive stop-loss in to the highest stop-loss (a) response, manipulation brother very accurate about the characteristics of ordinary stop-loss: to the effect that the stock price fell to trigger the generation of stop-loss stop-loss is never forced I dont want to say that this stop-loss method is not effective but that it is a more mechanical   passive low-level stop-loss to put it politely, because the stock price fell to the extent that a clear sell signal and then stop-loss, is the same as the main force threw his hands to you a big slap (broken big negative and other poor indicators) when you know that the main force does not want to be friends with you! Advanced stop loss is active and flexible stop loss, at the beginning of the main force shipments, the main force is still maintaining the indicators form advanced stop loss began so that you can solve the risk of invisible, occupy a favorable time in the unintentional as the saying goes, Ming doctor cure the head of the disease, mediocre doctor cure the tail of the disease because the advanced stop loss is the active stop loss, so the sale is often profitable, which is also the advanced stop loss in the stop gain often 2. The core of the senior stop loss is to fight with the main force of the law of wisdom, so its stop-loss method is unconventional, is the change of the situation, are taken for the time and the specific environment and therefore are temporary response methods, or is then and only then effective stop-loss method but its core and the main force of the law of wisdom is constant senior stop loss in the actual battle all the time do not reflect and The core of the main battle of wits four, the highest stop loss is the law of inaction What do you mean by the law of inaction? Not according to their own subjective will, but in accordance with the objective situation of change to action, such as, water, in a cup is the shape of the cup poured in a basin is the shape of the basin spilled on the ground there is no shape itself, for the invisible when encountered with a variety of objective circumstances, due to differences in the environment and the appearance of a variety of different tangible Wu Wei method is nothing but not for, invisible and not shaped to the highest stop loss itself there is no fixed formula frame, it In line with the external situation, due to the situation and reveal different stop-loss method below I gave a few more examples, due to the authors slow typing speed, time constraints, each stop-loss method is a simple analysis, some of the explanation is too brief general, hope that friends understand 1. stock price stop-loss method a few years ago, a friend called, said he had bought a technology stock, and said that according to reliable news, a large institution is eating, and Another institution is selling that is changing the dealer I opened the computer to take a look, now indeed in the volume of this stock from more than 70 yuan, down to more than 30 yuan now, and then began a long-term horizontal, in recent days began to rise I can not help but laugh, said: which big structure will be so stupid ah! Such a high price to pick up the goods, ready to sell to whom to go? Run, the main force wants to snare you (currently this stock more than 10) 2. Volume stop-loss method a few months ago, a friend wanted to kill a heavy position in science and technology, asked me how I looked, this stock is seriously oversold, most people are set high in the above, recently even put a huge amount of rise, I said: not only can not buy, if there should also be sold! Most people are set above, who will still be in the big rise when selling? Since fewer people are selling, where to get such a large volume? If it is the main force to reverse the volume, what is the point of making such a large amount? The five-day line stop-loss method once, Shanghai Jinling rose, I bought that began to sort out during no matter how the market rose or fell, the stock has always been in the 5 day line above the finishing, a few days I then immediately stop-loss sell, because in this case, the main forces best strategy should be to break the 5 day line to wash, and now the main force has not been washing, indicating that it has the intention of handing out (three days later, the big (down below the 10 line) 4. instant trend stop method one morning, I saw a young man in the business department is in front of the computer to watch the deep house, when the stock for the leading stock I said to the youth: this morning within 25 minutes of the opening, deep house if you can not go up more than 4%, it is finished youth coldly said: you are a trader ah! I can only sigh about the main force has been washing the plate for a long time, to the time should control the plate, not to control the plate, that the main force has no intention of pulling up, the market is bearish (soon thereafter, the deep house to do a false breakthrough, back, after more than a month of consolidation, and finally down into the head) 5. finishing range stop-loss method a day, I intervened in the lions head shares that day that is a small fall profit the second day this stock for strong finishing, the finishing of its share price most of the time in my buy price The next trading day I immediately out, the reason is that the stock price finishing position is low, the main force did not control the cost of retail intervention, that is, to push up the cost of retail intervention (sold the second day that fell into the medium-term head) 6. finishing time stop-loss method once, I bought a heavy position in the big yuan shares bought after rising not much, that is, began to no amount of horizontal, less days, only 100,000 shares traded a day, showing that the main force hold a very heavy position, a day this stock breakthrough up, the next morning that began to cross the volume again I counted, has been no volume plate for three weeks, so decided to smash the plate out because no volume cross time is too long, indicating that the main force may not be able to use the funds to pull up (the price was more than 20 yuan) 7. opening price stop-loss method one day, I saw an old lady holding the first department store, the day before, want to add positions today after the morning low, the stock is all the way down. This stock that all the way down, I advised the old into should not buy, reaction to sell the old lady did not listen, and low sucked 20 hands, the results after the old man was set for up to a month in this environment low open, that the main force does not want to use the funds to play really, cruel washout or shipping may happen at any time 8. Oscillation fast closing I liquidated out of the stop-loss reason is that the main force will actually allow the stock price to rise and fall! This for the main force later pull up, laid a great hidden danger, the cost of retail positions is too big a difference! Obviously for the control of the main force must be taking the opportunity to ship out, then I went first (and then slowly rose 10%, and finally into the medium-term head, plunging more than 70%) 9. I look at the bad, immediately bought because the weak market through the list of up to firm peoples confidence in holding shares and short term customers to buy enthusiasm, for the main force of the common shipping techniques 10. circulation stop method one day, came to a friends home, he asked me to look at the trend of the wave software this stock was at a historic low, was the bottom of the volume after the oscillation upward trend, up when the volume, down when the volume of shrinkage, the friend said has been involved and said the indicators are I took a look, more than a month to rise less than 20%, I asked how much circulation, friends said it is a small-cap stocks I heard, said: ready to withdraw it! Small-cap stocks in the current market environment, can not so build a position, but also can not so pull up (a week after the big drop into the head) 11. stop plate stop-loss method once, I took a full position in chlor-alkali chemical, bought ten minutes after the second day of the opening that ten minutes that stop on the third day of the morning a large number of change hands, after the afternoon sealed in the stop, the volume quickly reduced followed by another day, also a large number of change hands in the morning, the afternoon firmly sealed in the stop. After sealing the transaction is thin I immediately began to liquidate positions because the two closed before the morning of a large number of changes of hands accumulated enough to more than 70%, enough main force to muddle out of the afternoon of the closed is done to people to see, to seal the stop, so large changes of hands, the early market can seal the stop time is fluid, things are developing and changing, do not cling to any method is my sincere advice, vajra sutra said that all there are laws, such as dreams, such as illusions, such as dew , such as electricity, when the view is as it is! The purpose of publishing this article is to break the bonds of some peoples hearts, but also in order to make some enlightened friends, can get some inspiration this article will certainly be published by many criticism and questioning, laughing and scolding let people comment on the good as long as you can give a chance to explore the path of the stock friends in the darkness to light a little spark, Im satisfied!

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