The mixed reputation of the trading strategy - grid trading method

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cashback forex trad cashbackforexbtcg, in recent years by more and more traders attention its basic operation East forex cashback to a point as the base point, each up or down a certain number of points hanging a certain number of short single or long single, set a profit target, but do not set a stop loss, when the price progresses in the desired direction when the profit closed, and in the original point hanging the same buy single or sell single so These forexcashbackcalculator orders formed a fishnet-like array, in the oscillating foreign exchange Eastforexcashback back and forth profit we can see that this trading strategy has a certain aggressiveness and idealization, so traders for the grid trading has been full of controversy below let us understand the two sides of its views strong advocates believe that it has an inherent advantage advocates of this strategy investors believe that the grid trading method has (1) the grid trading method does not need to judge the timing, which can reduce the pressure of traders to operate timing is the difficulty of all technical analysis, in the long run, frequent traders are unlikely to rely on timing to profit ② not afraid of changes in the market market participants, the economic environment will make the market change, thus making the existing (3) Any other analytical method can be used in the grid, and any effective method will increase the effectiveness of the grid. A price level up or down every 20 points to hang a buy order, take profits to close the target 20 points, no stop-loss if a buy order is closed with profit, in the entry price of the buy order and then hang the same a buy order in a short account a price level up or down every 20 points to hang a sell order, take profits to close the target 20 points, no stop-loss if a sell order is closed with profit, on the sell order of the If the foreign exchange market is indeed up and down oscillation, especially 20 points 40 points inside the oscillation, the market can be described as perfect but where to so perfect things? The above paradigm, essentially assuming that the foreign exchange market is an oscillating market, the author of the above is also so elaborated: based on the theoretical basis of strong oscillation of the market in the foreign exchange market for a period of time, prices tend to oscillate strongly in a narrow range Yes, from a large scale, foreign exchange, commodities are indeed oscillating market to the European         nbsp; yuan/USD for example, then many years is 1 up and down consolidation, but in 20 points so small scale, unilateral market abounds is therefore, based on strong oscillation market to do grid trading, equivalent to doubling the betting method, that is, Martingale (Martingale) system: it is originally inside the casino (roulette), the beginning of the use of the principle is: if you If you lose money, you need to double your stake, and if you win money, you need to restore the stake to the original stake, which will allow you to eventually make a profit if you have unlimited funds, then the doubling method does allow you to make money Do you have unlimited funds? No, so as long as you meet the tragedy of losing multiple rounds, doubling up method will only make you burst into poverty doubling up method is so, the grid trading method is also so if you buy after meeting the decline, add positions to buy and then fall, constantly falling in you only have two choices one is to stop adding positions, sit back and watch losses expand, not earn money from the oscillating market; second is to continue to add positions to see if the burst in the first or rebound in the first which is the same as A Russian roulette from the above, some investors will be grid trading as an excellent investment strategy, there are traders that the strategy is nothing more than a gambling mentality evolution in the end of the article we also want to support the trading strategy for investors to provide some insights from senior people: grid trading method because it can achieve rapid profits, when the account after doubling the capital, the first thing to do is to remove principal when the capital doubles again, for example, 10,000 account becomes 20,000 after the account must be split, become 2 accounts may appear after N accounts each account to choose a different trading species, set a different risk factor each month how much the account net value increased, must give themselves a dividend good grid trading method, should be a controlled risk, rapid recovery

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