How to Manage Your SiriusXM Online Account Center

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If you have a SiriusXM subscription, you can manage your account from the Online Account Center. This gives you access to your subscription and to your payment methods, such as credit cards. You can also add or remove vehicles to your account. There are also a variety of ways to get help, such as sending a message to a Listener Care agent or making a payment via text.

To access your account, you will need to create an account. To do this, you will need a SiriusXM Radio ID and your email address. Your account can be accessed through any mobile device or computer. Once you have created an account, you can start listening to SiriusXM on your favorite devices. The subscription includes ad-free music and a range of channels that you can choose from. For example, you can listen to news, sports, comedy and music. Some of the content available is also downloadable for your own enjoyment.

You can log into your account from the Online Account Center, or from the SiriusXM app on your phone or media player. Depending on your subscription, you will be able to enjoy live performances, in-studio shows, festivals, exclusive interviews and on-demand programming. Streaming with the SXM App is also included with certain subscriptions. Streaming on your home device is available with the Platinum Trial Subscription, which comes with a smart speaker and media player.

When you are ready to subscribe, you can choose between a trial subscription and a monthly plan. In the case of the trial, you will not be charged. However, you will need to register your Radio ID and sign up for a subscription. After you have registered your account, you will receive a link by email. The link will expire after 24 hours. During the trial, you will be able to access your account and the On Demand library. During the monthly subscription, you will be able to stream and download your content.

You can manage your subscriptions by logging into the Online Account Center and accessing the Billing Summary section. From there, you will be able to edit your payment method, add or remove vehicles, or update your subscription. You can also change the password to your account. It is important to note that your password is case sensitive.

The Platinum Trial Subscription also comes with the SXM App, so you can use the app to stream your music. Streaming is available on Roku devices, and you can also upgrade or downgrade your subscription.

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