The person who bets with tiles is clever the person who bets with hooks is scrupulous the person who bets with gold takes poison

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[Original text] T cashbackforexbtc person who bets Eastforexcashback tiles forexcashbackcalculator clever, the person who bets with hooks is scrupulous, the person who bets with gold takes poison; cashback forex cleverness is the same, but there is reserve, then the outer is heavy, East forex cashback the outer is heavy, the inner is clumsy [Interpretation] A person who participates in gambling, if he bets with tiles, his mind is unburdened, and he gambles with ease, and he often wins instead of losing; if he bets with silver hooks, he is a little worried; if he bets with gold, he becomes worried, and he is nervous, and he cannot play at his normal level. If he is betting with a silver hook, he will be a little worried; if he is betting with gold, he will become very worried, nervous, worried, unable to play the normal level of the gambler actually has the same skills before and after the gambler, but once he has cherished, subject to external objects, will be overburdened psychologically, the mind also becomes slow and clumsy, so that even if the matter has been well versed will be a big mess [story] "Zhuangzi Dasheng Chapter According to 》, Yan Yuan asked Confucius: I once crossed the goblet abyss, the boatman held the boat like a god, I asked: ‘Can I learn the technique of holding the boat? ’ ‘ can be good at swimming, can quickly learn; if you can dive, even if you have never seen the boat will operate ’ I asked him again, he did not tell me other, please ask what this means? Confucius said: good at swimming will soon be able to learn, because he has reached the degree of forgetfulness of water; will dive even though they have never seen a boat, but also will operate, because he sees the abyss as a hill, see the ship overturned as a big car backwards, overturned backwards and other phenomena presented in front of his eyes, can not disturb his mind, to where can not leisurely and free it? The monarchs official is in disarray, so he naturally cannot concentrate and concentrate on something. If there is no object to cover the heart, it is easy to succeed. The king of Xia told him to shoot arrows at a target with a square size, and the hole in the middle of the target was one inch in diameter. The first arrow missed, and the second arrow still missed. The king of Xia asked Miren: Hou Yi usually penetrates the Yang with a hundred steps, but how to give him an agreement on the conditions of reward and punishment, and then failed to shoot? Miren replied, "The reason why he couldnt hit the target was that his emotions of gain and loss had harmed him, and your heavy reward of ten thousand gold and thousand miles of land had become his mental burden.  Lie Youkou for Bo faint no one to perform archery, he held the bow with his left hand and pulled the string with his right hand, the bow was drawn to the full, a glass of water on the elbow, shot an arrow, the vector together, hit the target, this arrow just finished, and another arrow buckled on the bowstring, this time Lie like a puppet concentrated on Bo faint no one said: ‘ This is only archery when the archery skills, you have not archery when the archery cultivation? I want to climb the mountain with you, stepping on the treacherous rocks, personally to the abyss of a hundred feet, then you can still shoot? So he climbed the high mountain, stepped on the steep rocks, and came to the abyss of 100 feet, and stepped backwards with his back to the abyss, with the bottom two-thirds of his feet hanging in the air. When he climbed the high mountains, stepped on the dangerous rocks, and faced the abyss, the mind of gain and loss overshadowed his own spiritual understanding, so he was disordered and could not concentrate on shooting arrows like he did on the flat ground, so that the bow could be opened continuously, the arrows could be fired continuously, and the vector could be hit continuously, while the elbow level was steady and unmoving, and no one saw heaven and earth as one, the high mountains as a plain, the flesh as a piece of earth, and life as a cloud. The first two thousand years ago, the philosophers had already seen clearly and said clearly that it is difficult to make money in forex trading and even more difficult to make money in full-time trading. The people who think they can overcome human nature, anti-human nature, are often overestimating their own understanding of human nature, to comply with human nature and achieve the purpose, which requires humility and wisdom In everyday life those traders who can maintain a profit for many years, basically the quality of life will not be affected by short-term performance of people who are low daily income, no other sources of income, hoping to make a living through full-time foreign exchange trading, basically no long-term profit in the case of life without security The full-time trading is to do with gold bettors, naturally to be more forgetful than others, such a big disadvantage is very difficult to make up for by adjusting the mindset and improve technology

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