The psychological quality of the speculator should be

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portable laptop with family travel around the world, cashbackforexbtc any corner tap the keyboard, endless amounts of American money rolled … …, he East forex cashback not agent Bond, nor travel experience or to do away with the boss of the company, but engaged in the enviable gold-collar career full-time Eastforexcashback cashback forex trader, to be precise, is to have a stable income of full-time traders this It is also the ultimate goal that many people are trying to pursue! But …… how to make forex forexcashbackcalculator become a career that can be invested for life?  First lets go through the foreign exchange and futures, stocks, funds comparison, to understand the advantages of foreign exchange investment: foreign exchange margin trading obvious advantages, making it the most popular way of investment and finance worldwide However, many investors there is a trader is the misconception of professional institutional staff in fact, everyone is their own trader difference is only professional institutions large capital, individuals put in small capital, the substance is not the same  For example, large institutional traders may operate hundreds of millions of dollars, while in the foreign exchange trading provider Societe Generale investment of $ 500 can start a real foreign exchange transaction and, for the psychological qualities that foreign exchange traders must have, the two are also no difference Keep calm: foreign exchange investment is a high-risk products, that is, you can bring you rich returns can also make you suffer big losses if you can not sit in the big storm, it will be small The tried and true admonition in trading is: If you cant calm yourself down, then quit trading first Independent thinking: compare professional skills with others, or lack of independent thinking and take others trading strategies or market views to trade is very meaningless The truth of the entire investment industry is that those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know Believe in yourself: to believe that your own trading methods are correct, confident in order to Confidence comes from certainty, and the market is always in uncertainty, so to do so requires time, money and experience. If you want to travel while others are at work, spend the weekend when others are also spending the weekend, just occasionally spend a little time to take care of their trading accounts, you can get a significant return on investment, then, forex trading for a very small percentage of talented, and most of the willingness to learn investors to provide this possibility. of investors who are willing to learn, this is possible!

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