What You Should Know About Sirius XM Customer Service

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Sirius XM is a company that offers satellite radio services. It provides music, talk, and live sports coverage. You can listen to Sirius XM in your car, on your TV, or in an airplane. The service also offers technical support.

XM satellite radio has been around for almost two decades, and there are more than a dozen channels that offer a variety of music, news, and entertainment. There are even specialty channels, such as Howard Stern. XM has more than 32 million subscribers, and it is available in a number of vehicles, boats, and trucks.

You can purchase a Sirius XM subscription for $10-18 a month. A subscription includes a variety of channels, perks, and exclusive programming. To get started, you"ll need to buy a SiriusXM satellite radio and connect it to your car"s stereo. You"ll also need to run wires to the antenna and power source. In addition, you"ll need to set up a password.

Sirius XM has been criticized for not listening to its customers. Many have complained about long wait times and rude customer service representatives. However, the company has recently agreed to make it easier for customers to cancel their contracts. And it has agreed to change the way it compensates customer service employees.

The settlement will be paid out to the District of Columbia and 45 other states. In addition, Sirius XM has agreed to provide advance notice of automatic renewals. This will allow you to get the information you need before your subscription expires.

Sirius XM customer service is available to help you resolve most of the issues you may have. If you have an issue that"s not covered by the FAQs, you can call or go to the company"s website. Some common issues include billing and technical support. But if you can"t resolve your issue, you can request a callback.

In some cases, you"ll need to contact your car dealer or the device"s customer service. This could involve connecting your receiver to your car"s stereo with an FM modulator, and choosing a location for the antenna.

If you"re having trouble with your Sirius XM subscription, you can go to the company"s website. From there, you"ll be able to submit a web form and receive a callback. Depending on the issue, a technician from the company will be able to identify the problem and offer a workaround. Alternatively, you can use the phone to reach an agent, who will be able to troubleshoot your account and initiate a remote command.

You can also check the status of your order by checking the site"s FAQs. Also, if you have a SiriusXM Guardian(tm) account, you can use the customer service feature to connect to an agent. When you do, you"ll be able to get remote commands, review your billing statements, and more.

Sirius XM has a good reputation, but it isn"t perfect. While the company has many quality channels, some consumers have been dissatisfied with the quality of their customer service.

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