The reason why novice foreign exchange speculators burst

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foreign exchange marg cashback forex market forexcashbackcalculator full of profitable temptation, however, foreign exchange margin novices tend to repeatedly burst Eastforexcashback leave the market in disgrace, foreign exchange margin novice to profit Mr. exist to elaborate on this issue before I first talk about the process of opening a novice burst: novice 1: never simulated the MT4 platform, is a computer expert, think that the brain smart, on a lot of manipulation techniques, a said will Understand foreign exchange margin a few days later, began to open a $ 500 real position at first 0.1 hand to cashbackforexbtc, very regular 500 U.S. dollars in less than 3 weeks time soon to do more than 1600 U.S. dollars probably in February 6, 2010 or so, in 1080 points position heavy gold, did East forex cashback set a stop loss, the day the gold burst kill 50 U.S. dollars, was hit hard to blow up Novice 2: simulation for two weeks, the impulse to open a new position. think simulation is not interesting, impulse to open a real position of $ 250, and feel too small, again with a credit card deposit of $ 250, a total of $ 500 to the account, has been doing the pound simulation, like under 10 hands, 100 hands, open a simulation account of 1 million, turn to the first day of the real position, accidentally put 0.1 down into 1 hand, panic to call me and ask me how I do I said, immediately close the position? Do not consider the possibility that later rose more than 10 points, nearly winning 100 U.S. dollars, did not close the position, encountered the British interest rate meeting, suddenly turned down to kill more than 60 points, repeatedly close the position not to close, and do not know the use of stop-loss pending orders to close the position, watching their positions explode Newbie 3: other platforms have exploded two positions, to learn from me, opened a $ 250 position I repeatedly cautioned: must first under 0.01, first familiar with the depth of the water, do not be impatient, learn to survive but, each time the single are at the same time under 2, 3 single 0.02, sometimes, the more up the more under the short single encounter oscillating market, the winnings are very large but, finally has been to do 1.2 hands, a total of 6 single GBP / USD results: burst every time I said: winnings before you can add positions, once only a single, insist on $ 500 under 0.05 this person in my said When very open-minded, good learning promised to be very good but a single to do, gambling onset, heavy single analysis of the above three typical blowouts, novice blowouts is the reason for four points: a, heavy position is to quickly win he does not understand that making money is to earn from other peoples positions to their own positions, the money in other peoples pockets through trading skills into their own pockets, heavy positions is the grave!  Second, counter-trend is to guess the top and bottom, the newcomer does not know to follow the trend of foreign exchange rates only eternal interest, there is no top and bottom Third, do not set a stop loss always do not understand the significance of setting a stop loss, always think they are watching the plate does not matter because he has not experienced explosive quotes and long and short fighting quotes stop loss is to limit losses, to avoid infinite expansion Fourth, frequent operations without the market also do single, frequent operations, gambling, full of Increase transaction costs, belong to the impulsive traders

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