The secret of short term foreign exchange operations

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Different from many cashbackforexbtcvestment methods East forex cashback that the advantage of foreign exchange margin is that investors only need a relatively small amount of money to carry out a large amount of transactions, of course, this Eastforexcashback only brings investors a lot of profit, but also brings investors a lot of risk So, many investors hope that a shot can be profitable, so the cashback forex term operation can be fast in and fast out of the investor has become the investors The first choice but easier said than done, the profit is not a handy thing that as an investor who wants to be comfortable in the short term trading, what kind of trading skills do you need to master?  First, of course, is to be happy short term operations generally do not have a pending single situation, it is a day trading operation means regardless of the trend is good or bad, profit or loss, investors must be a happy heart to face, so that they can operate in the second, the necessary technical analysis of course, for the short term trader, technical analysis only requires will look at the trend line, can understand the general situation of foreign exchange movements on In addition, the short term trader should also pay attention to the immediate fundamental news Third, in the general trend is not good when never trading In fact, this should be a taboo for investors, rowing against the tide, not into the retreat, a strong will only be detrimental to their own profits, not to mention that foreign exchange margin trading is based on the principle of leverage, against the trend of the operation is likely to lead to a blowout Fourth, short term trading is not a daily transaction due to The foreign exchange market is not the same every day, so investors should try to avoid daily transactions, especially in the operation of the currency country to announce a drop in interest rates, the case of the foreign exchange market is likely to appear a large fluctuations, then investors had better choose a wait-and-see attitude Fifth, learn the basic mathematical knowledge of the short term operation, the ratio of up and down for 1:1, if the winning time to earn 1 yuan, the loss of 0.5 Then 100 operations in the loss, win half, then the last is to earn 25 yuan so investors in the direction of the right time to enter the transaction, otherwise leave the field before it is too late In short, short-term operations are not as risky as long-term holdings, but there is no shortage of technical analysis components investors in the enjoyment of foreign exchange margin trading fun, not only to grasp their mindset, but also should understand certain basic knowledge

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