The speculative foreign exchange stop-loss setting skills

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  Engaged forexcashbackcalculator speculative trading must admit that the middle may cashback forex wrong East forex cashback an inevitable thing, in order to make a mistake in time to surrender, stop loss from the field to avoid a small mistake into a big mistake to get deep in the mire In fact, the role of the stop-loss disk is to protect investors in the decision to make a mistake, to reduce the loss of the only way, we often say that an accident is fatal, but if you can For example, the stock Eastforexcashback crash of 87 caused many people to lose their fortunes, if they carefully analyzed the trend and placed a stop-loss disc before the market reversal automatically stop loss out of the market, they can safely survive an unprecedented catastrophe So what is the skill of placing a stop-loss disc? Stop-loss discs must be placed in the place where the market reversal is confirmed to be sufficient to play a real role ordinary speculators, the use of stop-loss discs, usually the most common mistakes are three types of first, think that the long victory general, do not care to set stop-loss discs second, there is a stop loss in the hands of the third, arbitrarily use an amount as a stop-loss discs for the first type of speculators market will sooner or later to its punishment, no need to discuss, of course, absolutely not to follow suit The second type of stop-loss plate in mind, the reason is that fear of unwarranted stop loss to leave the field to leave the field before deciding whether to cut the position, the weakness of human nature often refuse to admit defeat, and temporary indecision, so there is no prior placement of the consequences of the stop-loss plate is usually gray pulp stop-loss plate lower and lower to make a big mistake, until the time of endurance is forced to close the position As for the third category of people, arbitrarily with an amount as a stop-loss plate, when in is asking for trouble, for example The most common scenario is that the gold price continues to fall after the market trend touches As stop-loss order, and A has the right investment direction, because of the error in the strategy to stop loss for no reason, the correct approach is to use chart analysis as the basis for placing the stop-loss order to place the stop-loss order Stop-loss discs are placed in places where the market trend will be reversed This has two advantages First, the stop-loss discs will represent a reversal of the market trend Stop loss is the correct investment attitude Second, there is no break to the stop-loss discs, indicating that the master is still developing as expected, the handicap held, you can continue to ride the wind, enjoy the fun of winning money to the end As for how to choose the appropriate price level to place the stop-loss discs will depend on the analysis system you use, such as wave theory, pattern analysis, and the analysis system. For example, wave theory, pattern analysis, averages, or computer analysis system, there will be different calculation methods, in todays special time do not want to study in detail In short, we think it is worth paying attention to comply with the following points First, must be set before entering the market stop-loss plate, after the development of the market can be inspected without fear Second, after setting the stop-loss plate, must not be arbitrarily canceled, or in the case of a loss Third, we must pay attention to the use of the principle of [the ground Mo enterprise] if the majority of people will be set away from the stop-loss plate away from some important price to avoid a net Fourth, the market direction is correct, you can set the original stop-loss plate stop loss price, follow the development of the market trend gradually adjusted to ensure vested interests while trying to earn more profits, at this time, the adjusted stop-loss plate can be called until the earning plate, such as selling After the gold, gold prices fell, you can gradually lower the stop loss, to ensure that the profit and try to earn more

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