The super short term in the foreign exchange market must win the method

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short term release East forex cashback long positive buying Eastforexcashback selling rules 60 minutes cashbackforexbtc a short-term fluctuations, 1/4 of a day, and according to the 60-minute chart k-line combination and volume price relationship as a short-period buy cashback forex, is an excellent super short term secrets 1, selected recent volume suddenly continuous enlargement, daily turnover rate of 3% or more (the greater the forexcashbackcalculatortter), a significant increase of more than 7% (the best appear up) of foreign exchange observation ma average (5, 10) golden cross whose main feature is a large volume of red column accompanied by a long positive line so that the exchange rate quickly out of the consolidation area its turnover rate between 3%-20% best this volume is 1-2 months since the maximum volume volume volume may be stimulated by good news, such as better performance and distribution program, major cooperation projects identified, etc. But we do not recommend the volume immediately Follow because the reasons for the foreign exchange sudden volume upward can be varied, general investors like to follow up immediately, but it is easy to fall into the trap of the dealer pulling up and changing hands 2, found the target is not eager to intervene, pull out the 60-minute k-line combination tracking observation The strong foreign exchange will also be back to the file, in order to avoid the highest level of the trap to wait until the file and then buy 3, the currency team after the short term high volume will have a volume retracement. According to the currency team 60-minute k-line combination, when the currency price drawdown, cut into the 60-minute k-line chart on the volume of the long positive the entity of the positive line, adjust to this time the volume has been less (buy point of daily volume for a large number of 1/8 or so), the currency price stabilization, short term pressure has been exhausted, generally this point can ensure that a buy on the rise, give full play to the short term efficiency 4, time is generally back down 1-7 days, time 5, buy immediately after the enjoyment of the pull-up will generally be in 2-3 days beyond the top of a wave 6, profit 5% above the high point of a wave of 3% can be used as a stop-win point 7, such as major unexpected changes, the purchase price as a stop-loss price decisive exit This method can also be used as a way to buy medium-term potential currency entry timing best point of choice, the success rate is higher The above solves the problem of buying, then How to sell foreign exchange? Although it was said earlier that there is no hedge, cut - but remember: not 100% we must be open to mistakes, the concept of stop loss to keep in mind, do not understand the stop loss is dangerous stop loss is the fuse to protect their assets Short-term buying foreign exchange is the hope that an immediate wave of uptrend, as the so-called catch the main wave if the main wave did not come as expected, then is waiting or end? The author believes that it should end existence is reasonable, the foreign exchange market is not a hundred shot marksman if the Bollinger indicators issued a strong warning signal, do not expect this one to be false, because the freedom of short-term speculative funds is the first

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