The trading trap that must be avoided in forex trading

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Whether Eastforexcashback learning or at work we must be clear about their learning goals East forex cashback work planning, in order to complete step by step for forex cashbackforexbtc forexcashbackcalculator also a skill, investors have not really thought about "what they really need "Making money is the original intention, but also the ultimate goal, but in the process of trading, you are deep in the trading "trap", the reason is that simply do not know what they need to really pay attention to and learn, and often the quick success is not worth the loss of news and financial media are toxic many traders will be habitual Watching financial news or financial media publications, if the news is negative, then forex traders will become negative as well, then it will make your investments negative Conversely, if the news and information is positive, you will make your trading and investment decisions positive Even professional and experienced industry veterans are still influenced by the information they are exposed to But the problem with mainstream media is that This is probably why youve heard the saying "buy the rumor, sell the news" trying to analyze the market or "trade the news" through economic news events. "There is really no point in trying to analyze how XYZ event affects the market, the more likely you are to lose money by over- or stupid trading the news and really all changes in the market are reflected in the original price behavior chart and all attempts to do additional analysis of the news really dont make any sense. If you are looking at 1 minute or 5 minute trading charts every moment of every day, while looking at 20 different charts, then you are actually overtrading. You cant say that you are doing this every day just for "entertainment". Trading that creates a gamblers mentality If you sit there for hours just to "figure out" the next move on a 5-minute chart, hoping for an entry point, then you may soon end up in the hospital, seeking a prescription from your doctor for anxiety-reducing medication No clear trading plan No clear trading plan and goals each day, just do whatever comes to mind Some traders may be able to make a few profits with their own luck, but this is not a stable way to make a profit, and in the long run, in addition to developing bad trading habits, traders suffer more losses in the invisible way. This demo trading must be seen as a real account and must be done meticulously so that you will pay less tuition in the future real trading. Whenever we learn a new trading cashback forex, we should simulate the new trading method to experience the advantages and disadvantages of this new trading method Many traders learn a new trading method and start simulating it, but once they find that this method is not always correct, they put it aside and continue to learn a new trading method In this way, they will never be able to experience the advantages of any trading method because in this market, there is no method that can be Therefore, when a trader learns a new method, he or she must pay attention to the fact that this method is expected to adapt to the environment and succeed very quickly. In fact, trading, like any other business, is not a profitable business and requires careful management of the traders knowledge of investment losses: most famous traders have experienced losses and they learn a lot from them. It should be seen as a necessary step on the road to success, or as a tuition fee to become a top trader. Behavior can develop into habits, and habits formed after a character, character determines your fate, so some tiny thinking can often determine the big picture, here to give you a reminder that the above situation is a lot of beginners have a small fault, I hope to take warning! Successful investment = strict mind control + correct money management + excellent technical analysis of the investment there is a philosophy that: reducing losses is equal to gaining benefits 

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