The Turtle Trader (Turtle Trading Special Taiwan Traditional Edition) - Michael Cofer

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DescriptionOrig Eastforexcashbackal sales of more than 100,000 copies of "The Turtle Trader" author, founder of cashbackforexbtc full public investors hailed as forexcashbackcalculator East forex cashback method" must-read classic founder Michael unveiled the real face of " cashback forex trading system" when the buy-hold strategy in the When the buy-and-hold strategy collapsed in 2008, homeopathic trading had the opportunity to earn up to 40% more profits. But few people really understand the essence behind the Turtle Trading Strategy. The founder of the Turtle Trader website, which has over a million traffic, has personally revealed the authentic "homeopathic system" trading model of the winner, as well as a detailed explanation of the "homeopathic system, performance analysis, human behavior, and decision making" profitable trading strategy! The newest edition of the 2008 financial crisis has been completely updated to reflect the catastrophic events of 2008, and now features chapters by more than 10 of the most famous trend traders in the world, with commentary by Michael �6�4 Carville, who emphasizes that homeopathic trading requires the use of information from top traders in order to produce these fantastic results. The book not only proves that this strategy works, but also shows us why only a homeopathic system using price data can achieve long-term success by completely answering the key questions of homeopathy. Why is homeopathy the most profitable trading style? What are the time-tested principles of the homeopathic approach? What is the homeopaths world view of market behavior? What is the reason for the continued effectiveness of the homeopathic approach? "I think this book is a great inspiration, covering the philosophy and mindset of homeopathy. You could call him a "trend finance geek". Create Your Own Holy Grail Author BioMichael W. CovelMichael W. Covel is the Chairman of TrendFollowingTM (TurtleTrader®), a privately held research firmIn 1996, Covel founded (®), which has attracted millions of visitors: TrendFollowing: HowGreatTradersMakeMillionsinUporDownMarkets TheCompleteTurtleTrader:TheLegend,theLessons,theResults) "Broke:TheNewAmericanDream" (documentary) "TheLittleBookofTrading: TrendFollowingStrategyforBigWinnings)

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