There is no perfect indicator or system

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Many novices spend a lot of time searching for the perfect indicator, system or cashbackforexbtc strategy that will guarantee 100% profit, they keep trying one indicator East forex cashback system after another, trying to find the so-called "holy grail of trading", and once one indicator and system fails to meet their expectations, they change to another one. Some traders also stack multiple indicators or systems on top of each other, hoping that th forexcashbackcalculator will completely "filter out" the invalid signals and thus avoid losses. "Many traders believe that these things exist, they just havent discovered and found them yet. Here are three reasons why the Holy Grail of trading doesnt exist. No one Eastforexcashback do everything for the uncertainty of the cashback forex to do a good all-round strategy foreign exchange market is driven by many factors, which makes it difficult for any individual or organization to influence the market trend, which is a major advantage of foreign exchange trading, that is, no one can sit in the bank but this also makes it difficult for traders to predict the future trend of the market In addition, unless you come from the future, you can not know in advance the central banks interest rate resolution, major In addition, unless you are from the future, you can not know in advance the central banks interest rate resolution, a major natural disaster, a terrorist event, a good indicator and the system can not do anything about it a seemingly perfect trade may be because of an important persons shocking remarks and a sharp turn; no warning of geopolitical tensions can make gold soar, a new energy technology breakthrough reports can make oil prices temporarily plummet Second, the market is driven by human beings in the market up and down by many factors in the drive, but ultimately, the root cause of the rise and fall is people. The fundamental reason for the rise and fall is peoples buying and selling Some may counter that there are not a lot of algorithmic trading intelligent trading systems? Indeed, but the logic behind algorithmic trading is still human thinking, the tide of the foreign exchange market is still controlled by humans human behavior itself is the reason we can still see many trading opportunities, but also lead to the price of a trading target is not based on existing data and existing market themes to reflect its value For example, the earthquake in Japan, some people believe that the earthquake will have a great negative impact on the Japanese economy, the yen outlook is bleak. The outlook for the yen is gloomy, so short the yen Others believe that the post-disaster reconstruction needs will lead to the return of the yen, the demand for the yen increased, so long the yen is also long a currency pair, hedge funds and investment banks may be a long-term hold, and set a relatively large stop loss individual retail investors may be closed during the day, set a stop loss of 20 or 30 points tens of millions of different actions of individuals or organizations, the price Third, no trading strategy can be applied to any market type and any trading condition. If you have fiddled with many indicators and carefully summarized them, it is not difficult to understand that applying stochastic indicator stochastic will work better in times of market shocks, while in trending markets, you will get many overbought or oversold signals, and trading on these signals will make you Most trading systems only work well until the price changes to another pattern. The constant changes in trading conditions and the unpredictable timing of their changes make traditional technical tools likely to fail at any time. You cant make money by trading forex in fact there are many trading systems that allow you to make money, the key is to control your risk, risk cant be avoided, but you can get a better risk reward rate through proper risk management, and ultimately profit more learn forex - forex basics, how to speculate on forex questions and answers, please visit: forex learning section

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