Too helpless to speculate in forex In the foreign exchange trading rebirth of the fire!

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"Th cashbackforexbtc 11 years, experienced a lot of futures experienced, losses, burst positions, frequent operations, Eastforexcashback even bankruptcy, debt collection, waking up after a nightmare, the feeling of being close to death, perhaps many of you have forexcashbackcalculator experienced" "Do futures lost a lot of things, friends, family, and many others. East forex cashback have thought about enriching myself in many ways, such as traveling to Venice, the Spanish countryside, the red light district of Amsterdam, Bali, Pattaya, San Francisco, cashback forex I always feel that what is lost is hard to come back, so I cherish it more before I lose it" Last night, I Last night, I saw the above text myself and felt a lot, and then read it to my fiancée, when reading it again, the eyes began to roll, I stopped, and finally endured Why would I want to cry? Because I have a similar experience, but my situation is much better, I did not lose the love of my life, but I also lost money, friends and family trust, can be said to have reached a low point in life, lost his job, but also owed a lot of money, born in a big city, and finally ran to another big city to work, I could not even pay the rent, I still remember one night, the landlord came outside our house, has been waiting for I remember one night, the landlord came to our house outside, has been waiting, but I was in the house dare not turn on the lights right, I do is foreign exchange frankly speaking, I really even have the heart to die, perhaps some people will laugh at me fragile, yes, I am indeed a coward, the dignity of life and the pressure of life, which one is important I can laugh and tell how I how strong, and eventually stabilize to turn the situation around, but I will not do so in fact, people really have to face death, only to think about the most important things in life important things, I thought of my parents, I thought of my girlfriend around me, thought of them, I could not end myself, I was afraid to die now turn back, I am grateful for all this, as said, do not go down the territory, how to see heaven because I have come to the end, when my girlfriend suggested that I stop, do not trade, I said on the surface, "good, I listen to you ", in fact, I simply have lost a fine, there is no way not to listen but this stop, I stopped a month of time, this month, I understand the true meaning of the transaction suitable for me here to say the true meaning seems to be too much, I can not find other words, but what I have found, did help me on the right track not to sell, without fancy language to describe, my so-called true meaning is as follows: a. 1. but all analysis, must be able to solve two problems, "can do" and "how to do", the lack of one can not be 2. victory and defeat is a common thing in the military, loss in the key points, because can go here, you can go farther, there is no need to risk more, after the market if the original Speculation game cost is not the money you need to spend to establish a position, but your potential loss, at the same time, time is also an important cost of speculation 4. speculation is to risk the risk of misjudgment may lose, to win the correct judgment of the possible profit, only the possible risk is much smaller than the profit, it is worth to do, this is one of the small bo big 5. 15m cost, earn d1 profit II. 1. consolidation is like a pearl, the trend is like a line, between each consolidation by the trend link, forming the overall trend, a consolidation than a consolidation high, which is an uptrend, a consolidation than a consolidation low, for the downtrend, the key is the line from which end of the pearl out 2. When the new consolidation and the last consolidation overlap, the end of the trend does not mean that the end will not go in the original direction, just represents, everything is possible next 3. uptrend, when the new consolidation low than the last consolidation low, there may be a downtrend; downtrend vice versa 4. consolidation in the sale and purchase, the trend of waiting for the right, I did not use any indicators, currently look at the chart, is just a K-line chart. In fact, speaking of here, my analysis method has been very obvious, I can say that I am unreservedly speaking out of their own all believe that there is a natural understanding of people, of course, my understanding is still shallow, although it has achieved a profit, but still need time to prove

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