Want to trade forex for a living These words you should see!

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do foreign cashback forex trader forexcashbackcalculator other professions, all need time baptism to get started forex East forex cashback risk is very big, here the risk is the time risk, into this line, even if it is full-time foreign exchange trader, within 5 years dare say cashbackforexbtc be stable profit will Eastforexcashback account for the majority, most in the first 3 will quit, if you insist on 5 years after and give up this line, you will delay their own years of time every day to carry out Review, watch, hang single, summary is not easier than most of the work if you enter the industry with the idea of easy money, then I definitely advise you not to come in, you will be very disappointed very disappointed if you really love trading, like numbers, like logic, like to think alone, creative spirit, not addicted to alcohol, self-discipline, dare to admit failure and correct, in order to build up a set of their own trading system for several weeks or even If you are sure to enter this line, I can recommend you a few books, but do not recommend you copy the strategy part of the book, to read their ideas first before trading can be very professional and persistent trader. To their ideas first trading before you can look at the "trading for a living" and Victors "professional speculative principles" of the two books, the former author of the "trading" group psychological interpretation is still very good; the latter is a must-read book for speculative traders, the essence of speculative trading Yang Xiangrongs "foreign exchange trading pragmatic" can give you a preliminary understanding of Foreign exchange market, textbook style, speaking very superficial can also not look at the newcomer I recommend learning from the naked K start "Japanese candlestick chart technology" is a must-read, and then the understanding of the foreign exchange market and trading norms can look at Cathy Lanes "foreign exchange day trading and swing trading", and then according to their own character to determine whether they are short term, intraday, swing, long term or mechanical traders? (If you cant judge yourself, you can read Marios "How to make profits in the foreign exchange market" chapter 5 to do a test.) After determining your own trading type, you can read some targeted books to find inspiration for developing your own strategy, short term can read Wei Qiangbins "24 fine lessons of short term trading", intra-day and swing trading can read the above book by Cathy Lane, long term trading can read "Elliott Wave Theory" and fundamental trading type of books such as Bernard Baumol "economic indicators interpretation: insight into future economic trends and investment opportunities", mechanized trading read "mechanical trading system" leisure time can look at Nassims "Black Swan", Mark Douglas "trading psychological analysis" is also very useful to do forex trading books do not have to see too much, are very different, I trade more than 4 years, the first 3 years almost I do not go out, read no less than 50 books related to foreign exchange, there are some really can not look down some junk books, but useful also a few, now I do not look at the technical side of the book, the main trading techniques or to be in their own trading experience to understand the last, to be a good trader, must be like a professional trader trading, to be responsible for each of their own single!

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