What is the usage of DMI indicator in spot gold investment

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First of all, the so-called cashback forex indicator, also known as the movement indicator or trend indicator, Eastforexcashback a medium East forex cashback long-term gold forexcashbackcalculator technical analysis methods, it is able to analyze the gold price in the process of rise and fall of the balance of power between buyers and sellers changes, that is, the change in the power of the long and short sides by the price fluctuations and the impact of the cycle of balance to imbalance, so as to provide a technical indicator of the trend of judgment based on a simple understanding In most indicators, the majority of them are based on the closing price of each day and the cumulative number of increases and decreases to calculate different analysis data, its shortcomings is to ignore the fluctuations between the high and low of each day DMI indicators biggest advantage is that it can be used to calculate the daily highs and lows. The biggest advantage of the DMI indicator is that it can include the daily high and low fluctuation factors, so as to more accurately respond to the trend of the market and better predict the future development of the market changes DMI indicator has a total of +DI, -DI, ADX, ADXR four cashbackforexbtcs, is also its four parameters, it is divided into long and short indicators (+DI, -DI) and trend indicators (ADX, ADXR) two groups of indicators if there are multiple lines in the If the DMI chart the next day, the auxiliary line ADX also tends to be stronger, the pattern of the long side is more and more obvious when the two auxiliary lines ADX and ADXR form a dead cross at a high level, indicating that the market has entered the oversold market, is a good time to sell short arbitrage at high levels So how in the end to speculate in gold using DMI indicators How to use the DMI indicator for market analysis? When should I do more, and when should I do short? 1, when multiple lines up through the empty line to form a cross, you can enter to do more 2, when multiple lines down through the empty line to form a cross, you can enter to do short 3, the auxiliary line ADX from 50 (the middle value) above the high fall, the market for the previous period of unilateral trend for consolidation, this should not enter the market 4, the auxiliary line ADX up through the ADXR line can If the ADX line crosses the ADXR line, you can enter the market to do more, on the contrary, if it crosses the ADXR line, you can enter the market to do short 5, the auxiliary line ADX runs below the multiparty line, it is not suitable to enter the market

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