What technical indicators are good in short term trading

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A. Spot electronic trad Eastforexcashbackg forexcashbackcalculator indicators are tools cashbackforexbtc helpers for investors With the progress of technology and the popularization of computer applications, technical indicators occupy an increasingly important position in the analysis of the spot trading market and as an analysis tool technical indicators are becoming more and more powerful as people pay more attention to their own functions Second, spot electronic trading technical indicators can help Investors to make money to MACD for example, MACD (smoothed dissimilarity average indicator) is a trend tracking type of technical indicators, although it reflects some lag, but in the actual use of the most commonly used one regardless of the design of the indicator or the specific practical application, can be very good tracking cashback forex development trend; RSI (Relative Strength Index) is mainly from the price running momentum RSI (Relative Strength Indicator) is a technical indicator that considers the price momentum, it is mainly to observe the price in the trend of the power and energy, expressed through the form of numerical values; KDJ (Stochastic Indicator) belongs to the measurement of spatial potential technical indicators, it can give us guidance on the future price trend of the fall in the guidance for investors who like to make trend trading, MACD is a very useful trend tracking tool. For investors who like to trade in the short term, RSI and KDJ are very good timing signal tools Three, how to use simple technical indicators to make money in the spot electronic trading in the selection and use of technical indicators, to adhere to the principle of practicality and simplicity, and through the combination of different indicators to avoid the shortcomings of any indicators are not perfect, there will inevitably be defects and indicators themselves! deficiencies! Such as the blunting of indicators (RSI; KDJ); indicators of lag (MA; MACD) and other phenomena if the specific use of indicators do not know the strengths and weaknesses of the indicators themselves, will often happen to be led by the nose phenomenon of indicators - technical analysis is a double-edged sword! Therefore, we can use a combination of different indicators to avoid the shortcomings in the specific application, to recommend two combinations: First, the trend tracking indicators and kinetic indicators with the application (MACD + RSI), in order to be able to better grasp the trend; Second, the combination of moving averages and spatial potential (MA + KDJ), in order to be able to predict the future price rise or Remember, only the combination of indicators can effectively resolve and disperse the specific operation because of the shortcomings of the indicators themselves and may appear in a variety of adverse symptoms This is the application of technical indicators to guide our actual combat must pay attention to the place, because any technical indicators are not possible to completely interpret the market and complete knowledge of the market so we need to be combined and three-dimensional use  The most important thing is to find the best way to play the role of the indicators in practice. When the technical indicators help us to discover some of the laws of the market movement and suggest the specific timing and price of buying and selling, the mission of the technical indicators to help investors make money is complete.

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