Where are all the forex trading experts

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East forex cashback do foreign exchange more than two years burst two positions I have always considered myself to be a very smart person, Eastforexcashback cashbackforexbtc still so I firmly believe that foreign exchange marg forexcashbackcalculator is a very good investment species, at least for me is so because I do cashback forex have much capital, and like to fantasize about windfall profits, theoretically it is the most suitable for my investment species I once felt that trading is very simple, two years of experience, between heaven and hell shuttle I have been convinced that I I felt that heaven was right in front of me, so clear and beautiful, but it seemed like a layer of glass, how can not cross once discouraged, but in the end always choose to persist I once tried to find a consistently profitable forex trader, in order to its guidance, to solve my confusion but the master seems to be a legend, can be seen from afar but not close to notice with The time has passed, the myths have almost all become lessons, the high achievers almost quickly become gamblers who lost all their money, behind the famous analysts are a series of loss-making trading orders perhaps work does not pay off, I also met two relatively successful traders both of whom are aging before their prime, one is a devout Christian, one also boasts of Chinese philosophy, and then, I began to study the "Tao Te Ching", "I Ching", and "I Ching". After the Tao Te Ching, I Ching, I hope the ancients gave me inspiration and inspiration, although trading progress is not as sophisticated as imagined, but unexpectedly harvested a feeling of happiness, perhaps happiness is a state of mind Now, I trading stability is still not proven, it seems that still through the glass to appreciate the paradise, but confident that they have the strategy to cross! The most reasonable way to exist may be to disappear into the sea of people, or perhaps the trading strategy of the experts is nothing for me to learn from, but hopefully I will also be like the high people, disappearing into the sea of people, disappearing into various foreign exchange forums, secretly happy, secretly making money! Postscript: in a n more than one participant in the marathon, you do not have any information about the participants, before the starting line you can know who is the final champion? Only after running through the finish line you will know who is the master, before the finish line you see only countless in the running runners Author: Lao Ma

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