Why is it that the experts in foreign exchange trading are losing and the fools can make money instead

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Have you eve forexcashbackcalculator had such an experience, Eastforexcashback some familiar with the stock friends, period friends chat, you Tao Tao cashback forexcessantly, all kinds of quotes, all kinds of current political analys cashbackforexbtc, all kinds of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, a combination of all aspects of information, inferring the future trend of each species and the other party, like your students, listened with great interest when you are talking about, the other party did East forex cashback even read the theory of entanglement, even wave theory, mean The theory is only half-understood, not to mention the hundreds of folk theories they have in your head, and the legend of some of the bull in the trading world is only at the stage of "heard of", while you have long studied the successes and failures of the bulls thoroughly, so that you can absorb their strengths and avoid their weaknesses when you set the MACD, BBI, DKJ various indicators parameters, the other party is like your student. DKJ various indicators parameters, the other party seems to know nothing, a face of confusion, not to mention your own indicators, the collection of folk indicators, the other party is not even heard of, but this is such a person, but year after year to make money, earn more money than you, and even earn your money to meet such people, do you have a "God you really unfair ah " the feeling? You invest so much, research so deep, but can not compare with a do not know anything stupid sometimes, you have to admit that "Gods will", your skills are excellent, but only lack of a little bit of luck, and some people are born than you lucky, every time we can rip in a different perspective, standing in your "I cant deny that you are very good at analyzing various current affairs and politics, and you can capture the policy direction from the words of national leaders, and your interpretation of the fundamentals is also profound and unique, you can even speculate the trend of steel prices from the mining disaster in South Africa, and it is quite accurate. I know that you have done your best to use your wisdom to analyze the impact of each piece of news on the market, but, after all, the information available to humans is limited, for example, a butterfly flapping its wings over the South Pacific, may lead to a reduction in soybean production in South America you can not foresee so, from the analysis of the foreseeable price trend is a road of no return, but how do I explain it to you? You will only tell me that the reason you are wrong is that there are probably some factors that affect the price that have not been taken into account. You simply do not understand that all the events that have an impact on the price will eventually be superimposed on the price, grasp the price has actually "effective analysis" of everything but you do not understand what is "Price reflects everything", in your mind, the price does not appear, how to reflect everything? I cant explain to you, so I can only listen to your story-like analysis you are still so keen on technical analysis, so obsessed with technical indicators, some of your indicators look very dazzling, but for me is only very dazzling and not my IQ does not deserve to understand such complex indicators, but I am not interested in understanding, because I know that all the technical indicators are actually looking for a probability, in the probability The reason for this is that the companys business is not a good one. If you have one or two idiots around you who dont know anything about making money, please remember, they must not be idiots, you are! All of your technology that you think is awesome, in their eyes may just be a pediatric existence, because they do not care to study, so you will let think they "do not understand anything", this is an illusion they must have something that you do not understand, even thinking is not in the same dimension because your thinking dimension is a lower level than theirs The reason is that you may not even realize the existence of their way of thinking because you are not aware of the difference in the way of thinking, you will think they do not understand anything, only worthy of being your students but, in fact, they are like adults looking down at you like a child at an angle of 45 degrees, and you are showing off to them just learned to add, subtract, multiply and divide They seem to admire you can four operations, in fact, not really admire you The author: Ling Ling Six

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