Write a letter to a female trader! (serial one)

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cashbackforexbtc mounta cashback forex, in 2006 to enter the financial market to a famous stock market in Hangzhou as a teacher, has traded stocks and futures, in 2009 began to trade gold foreign exchange 2010 gold bull market achieved dazzling results, and then suffered a Waterloo because of the Hong Kong Zhongtian gold incident lost all their money after entering the mountain to study Chinese medicine for a year, out of the mountain trading has been stable, and now an investment holding company in Zhejiang investment director and mountain born in Chinese medicine family, the traditional culture has a deep understanding of the esteem "loss and loss, so that Eastforexcashbackhing" trading ideas into the industry for ten years but has always been low-key, in Hangzhou foreign exchange circle East forex cashback a mysterious existence last year by fate received a female disciple, and the mountain in the form of letters to its training some time ago and the mountain chat to the matter, so let it will be this series of articles The article sent to me, after reading the pleasure of enlightenment, do not dare to private collection for your benefit first: please rearrange your work and life your learning has begun, today you said your company is no base salary, forexcashbackcalculator think you need to rearrange your work and life trading is a long journey, in this long journey there are always some people inserted in want to see the scenery unfortunately most of these people died in the Seemingly beautiful scenery, and finally become someone elses landscape like the bones on the north slope of Mount Everest you and I may also become someone elses landscape first of all I think you should take a career attitude to speculation, this is quite important many people mistakenly take the career as speculation, most of them are dead forgive me always like to use the word dead to express, maybe I can use the word failure but this industry Really is two endings, one is alive, one is dead of course there are some alive but better than dead people they are actually dead you are a girl and just a mother, I hesitated to take you before why? I think a woman is the most important element of a family and the biggest investment a woman can make is actually to raise a husband and children. The whole of the distortion is completely unable to feel their own distortion, but some people can feel the child for example, your child is a pure Yang body, more psychic he is able to feel your aura of a stable and peaceful mother is easy to raise a great son unfortunately you chose this industry you day trading down, mind wandering in heaven and hell before the day, back home to nurse that child, at this time, your the milk is toxic your husband can also feel I used to be obsessed with trading, in addition to trading on all the other indifferent until my wife gave birth to my child every day hard to take care of him, I realized that once owed her so much I often come home with bad moods, to pass my negative energy to her, so much so that sometimes she is as twisted as I am I sometimes do not want to accompany her to say a word, I would be too She quarrelsome my wife and I met in 06, that year I opened a stock account to today just ten years you can imagine how miserable her life is I do not want your husband to become my wife as pathetic as everyone is most likely to ignore the person next to you, because he is too close to you perhaps you will refute me you will say your husband is also supportive of you, the family also supports you company work is easier, not so much pressure I think you work in an investment company in order to get close to the industry, hoping to learn something, in fact, it is not necessary to learn something in the company is very absurd after a few years, in addition to bragging with people can add more talking points, it is not beneficial to the transaction you only leave the industry, in order to look at the industry in a comprehensive way you should change What kind of job? First and finance should not have much to do with, and then a stable income, even if not too high does not matter, but can not take up too much time, because you also need a lot of time to learn so that you can calmly go to work and peaceful and stable with your family to get along and then a spectators eye to watch the market in the multitude of life this is a very interesting thing unfortunately many people are obsessed, as once I should take more energy to take care of your family do not worry at all this will affect your learning strictly speaking we are not learning we are proof that the road is not in the sky, only in this heart square inch where this heart is at home, but unfortunately I am paying a heavy price to understand this truth you are lucky, lucky not I can tell you how to succeed, but I can tell you how to do is to fail to type so I used to be a very good literary teenager, I was so in love with writing at that time sadly I am so tired of writing here today really ironic ah, three thousand years of reading history is not outside the merit and fame, 90,000 miles of enlightenment finally return to the poetry and wine garden can quietly write something should be a thing to enjoy the blessings, but unfortunately the blessings only the people with heavy ford can enjoy ah the most powerful general is not how many he can defeat The most powerful general is not how many enemies he can defeat, but when he is defeated by the enemy can also appreciate the beauty of the yellow flowers on the battlefield, this is very important to say so much, just hope that you rearrange the work and life at the moment this point is vital to your future growth you say you love this industry, I am not fully agree that many people take the desire as love I used to feel deeply in love with the industry, many years later I I found that it was only desire and the market is always punishing those who are full of desire, so I am still very much a failure, and scars all over the years I have brought a lot of young people, whenever they say to me with glowing eyes that they are traders because they love the industry, I am always full of sadness inside you can only distinguish between love and desire, the market will reward you and most people to this day Still do not see the problem I am also lucky, I have met several teachers these teachers have given me great inspiration so that I am now able to still be objective about the market I often say that my trading is taught by a Chinese medicine teacher you are also studying Chinese medicine, so I am very pleased so that you can understand what I am saying this is fate The so-called fate is not that you have gone through thousands of years to find the person, but that person has been waiting for you just met by you for trading is also the same, many people want to capture as many trading opportunities as possible, and even make God can not understand the trading system unfortunately really good trading opportunities is the market has been waiting for you, and you happen to have a very good state at this time you dedicate the best of yourself to the market and the market as a return, take the money of those ugly people rewarded you everything do not seek outside the market Just a mirror inside you, in your best time to shine the best you premise is that you want to make yourself beautiful said here, I hope you can understand what I mean old in this market bubble you are unable to become beautiful leave will not become distant, because the world is round I also once away from the market, in the Chinese hospital herbal pharmacy to do a year of medicine worker but when I look back, I found that I see the market This feeling is very wonderful, like you dare not pursue a goddess inferiority complex after leaving, and found that she did not dislike you, but also standing still waiting for you to come back to that moment, my desire became love, know how to love this market Second: learn to perceive the last time I told you the long-distance hiking is not so tired method is to walk every step when the intention on the palms of your feet, every step with the palms of your feet to feel the ground under your feet This principle is very simple, the gas is moving with the idea, when you put the idea on the palm of the foot when your blood is also guided to the palm of the foot blood sufficient feet are not so tired this is when you feel the land, the land gives you the return in fact this is a very enjoyable thing unfortunately now full of eyes are looking at people in a hurry, walking the road is thinking about other things, blood is guided on the brain how can not be heavy head and light feet This? Tao Te Ching says "deficiency of the heart and belly", Chinese medicine also says diarrhea south and north to lower the heart fire to warm the kidney water, the heart and kidneys intersect in order to get a long time Unfortunately, the three views of the people now is not correct, the desire is very heavy but there is nothing in the Dantian every day by the false fire so burned you see how distorted society is now so, you really have not begun to learn, these are written in front the words, first is your three views of cultivating your body and family before you can rule the world may be you will be anxious to learn some practical methods, want to earn money as soon as possible to improve their lives This is the human condition, most people are like this, so most people are dead the last profit is a flower, but decide this flower is its seeds many people do not see this problem bent on the energy on that flower do not know Only if you sow the seeds of that flower, the flower will open then the flower is not sure to open it? I will tell you will definitely open, you have to ask me why, I will tell you a sentence "the sky is automatic, the law of nature" so ah, you now have to sow their seeds forget about the flower profit is just a result, the decision to profit is not profit itself you do not rush, everything has a destiny, all good things are bound to reunite with time Only the wind blows, the colorful clouds can come from now on to start feeling all around you, feel the land beneath your feet, feel the rain and sunshine, feel how the flowers are open and how to thank the last perception you are in this market truth is often hidden in seemingly simple things, dripping water hiding the sea, a leaf knows the autumn because the world is holographic, just like Chinese medicine speaks of the unity of heaven and man this world is dirty, then people The world is dirty haze is so heavy, so the heart of the haze will also be heavy; river water is polluted so the human blood is also very dirty now are some high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high blood fat disease now the land is trampled a lot of holes, so peoples spleen and stomach are also made to not work I used to desire very heavy, stomach fire is also very strong, sexual desire is also very strong, and large meals and eat fast in order to let me eat slower my wife and I quarrel a lot So much so that I later did not want to eat with her in the mountains for a year, down the mountain desire is not so heavy, eating is not so fast, I now eat more slowly when I can chew slowly I began to taste the original taste of food does not need to be so heavily seasoned also eat very fragrant now peoples diet is still a problem, more and more heavy taste This is why, mainly because everyones sense of taste Insensitive, the result of heavy taste and a step to destroy the human sense of taste this vicious circle is not solved, now peoples health problems are difficult to solve the real chef good seasoning this taste, the real gourmets good taste Why pull this thing? Because the transaction is also a truth market, ah, originally colorless and tasteless, like air or a glass of water but this glass of water you can not see a so, but also to study it, then how to do it? Then add a drop of red ink to this glass of water, so you can see the market is so, someone in order to study it invented a variety of methods, fundamental methods, technical methods, a variety of trading systems, simple systems do not work and then develop more complex, the taste is getting heavier, but the taste is getting lighter and lighter to the end people are getting farther and farther from the truth we take for granted the color of the drop of red ink When the water then how can we gradually approach the truth, only to remove that color, we can see the real clear water you can only forget all the methods and systems, and finally close to the essence of this market then how can we do it? Oh, I think you should learn to learn Yangming mind science this will take a long time to talk about the moment you have to learn is to perceive the world may not be appropriate to teach you these things now, because now is allowing you to learn the trading system, I hope you do not have any obstacles forex academy tips: the rest of the article need to log in to continue reading Oh! Login Now

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