Ye Daotou saga from 100000 to 10 billion

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T Eastforexcashback post was last edited by hailun on 2016-6-523:07 Introduction: forexcashbackcalculator Q East forex cashbackgjun, three sink in the 90s, burst in 02, mortgaged property 100,000 in 03, rose in the soybean bull market, cashback forex the soul of the Ningbo stop-go death squad under a disabled military division, cashbackforexbtc Zhang Tang and other five tigers fame in the 2010 cotton bull market, burst earn Billions of 2011 temporary defeat to the wild man, the loss of 1.2 billion, this years counterattack, successful revenge at the same time, this year in TA, copper to earn 2 billion, thread 500 million, in the soybean meal bull market has earned 400 million Anxin Securities chief economist Gao Shanwen said "insightful and profound, boldness," the current assets have reached 10 billion industry comments: appearance The first one is the oldest generation to enter the Chinese futures, participated in almost all the big battles such as Tianjin Red Soybean, Suzhou Red Soybean, Hainan Rubber, etc., and is smart by nature and too bold. With the understanding of the transaction, the 90s has been in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area of the small famous Ye Dahu first in the foot good futures as a trader, because the single is not bad, was reused by the foot good futures, was sent to Ningbo to prepare the business department later, the foot good futures in Shanghai three plywood because of unsuccessful forced positions and losses, the company closed down, Ye Dahu left with regret 98 years later, the country began to domestic futures consolidation, Ye Dahu in futures The operation in the futures is not smooth, two times a huge profit, but also two burst positions, has been wandering in the road of confusion the last burst position occurred in 02, has lost all the money, and his wifes feelings occurred a great discord at this time, Ye Dahuo fell into complete despair, like many failed futures people, had thought of jumping off a building 03 years, has been in the doldrums for three years of the domestic futures market, gradually renewed new opportunities, he mortgaged the house He happened to catch up with the bull market in agricultural products, betting heavily on beans, and as a result, from 03 years onwards, beans unfolded a wave of straight-flying bull market, which lasted until the first half of 04 years, soybean prices rose from 2,200 yuan to 4,000 yuan this wave of soybeans, allowing him to earn 5 million, laying the foundation for his career thereafter, and from then on began to embark on the road of futures industry big brother, has respectively, in the bull market in copper, rubber, creating a succession of brilliant, the end of 06, his assets have reached 60 million after 05 years, along with the arrival of the domestic A-share bull market, Ye Dahu joined the Ningbo stop daredevil team, to eat the dealer for a living, insight into the dealers movements, decisive eat into, fire withdrawal, to "fast, accurate, vicious" is known, however At that time, Ye Dahu was not famous, only one of the members at that time 07 years, Ye Dahu with the natural perception of the transaction, created a number of new methods of warfare, gradually by the Ningbo stop daredevil team as the soul of the figure, but also the mysterious figure at the end of 07, his assets have reached 400 million 2010, is a glorious year in his life, but also began to become famous in the domestic year, with his insight into the macro and a deep understanding of profound understanding of cotton, he judged that the global cotton will set off a wave of large bull market, so he mobilized the funds and began to do more cotton Sure enough the second half of the cotton market started, in just two months, cotton prices doubled, he made a huge profit, the end of the year, his personal assets have reached billions, which became a turning point in his life II, Ye Dahus mysterious team he is also a bole, know people well, under his command, there are He is also a bole and knows how to make good use of it, under his command, there are about 40 people, including a disabled warlord, more powerful, known as todays Zhuge Liang, vision is relatively large, more accurate predictions Ye Dahu every big battle, by this warlord to choose the timing In addition to this warlord, he has Zhang Tang and other five tigers under his command, of which, Zhang will be good at blitzkrieg, Tang will be good at sneak attack station, Yu will be good at the war of attrition outside of this, most of the other members of the Yongan Futures over. Basically, they are also the first-class analysts and traders of Yongan three, the character of Ye Daotou usually speaking, fund managers, private equity owners, or speculative individuals, tend to be more conceited, especially when a slight battle, they will be empty, high, seems to think he has gained the magic weapon to make money, do not listen to the views of others, extremely stubborn industry is generally so, met the boss of private equity, most of this character and the On the contrary, Ye Dahu has been very low-key, modest and courteous, amiable, to the junior is simple teaching, to the senior is respectful, in Ye Dahu already has billions, he still maintains a modest character, open-minded to listen to others, respect everyone, whether this person is a cow, or ordinary people, or street vagrants have seen him every person, are eager to see him again, are admiring his He is a low-profile person who never accepts interviews and refuses to be interviewed by CCTV, Peoples Daily, and other media, always with a low profile. The chief economist of Anxin Securities, Gao Shanwen, the chief economist of Galaxy Securities, Zuo Xiaolei, the chief economist of Shenyin Wanguo Securities, and other recognized economic bowls in the industry, all interacted closely with Mr. Ye, and said that Mr. Ye "has great insights, unique ideas, and great courage". He is not only respected by the securities industry, but also widely respected in the world of power and nobility, as the saying goes, is more able to eat open rumors, Jiangsu Province, Shanghai leaders to visit Hangzhou, want to visit Ye Dahu, the Development and Reform Commission, the Bureau of Statistics, senior officials also want to make friends with this person (this is a rumor, as to the truth, no way to test, if true, lucky to say, if not true, only as entertainment) four, Ye Dahus operating methods in the 1990s, Ye Dahu rely on technical analysis, good at Dow Theory and K-line theory, of course, there is also research on the fundamentals, but not deep 2000 years later, Ye Daotou gradually transfer the operation method to the fundamentals, and successfully predicted the bull market for agricultural products 2007 years later, Ye Daotou in the formation of the team, basically relying on fundamental analysis, he likes to read Goldman Sachs investment reports, his team in the first time to collect financial, research economic information, and then The first time to make a judgment, than other companies can be ahead, in order to grasp the initiative of the battle his understanding of the macro situation and insights, is not generally comparable, can pinpoint the fundamental development trend, as the domestic ranking of the first Anxin Securities Chief Economist Gao Shanwen, have publicly said "Mr. Ye insightful, insightful ", and expressed his admiration for him is the vision of his investment, is all over the world, focusing on a global perspective, asset allocation V. 2012, Ye Dahuo earn 3 billion 2011, in cotton, because of errors in judgment, he did more, and cotton showed a decline, the result of his 2 billion loss to 800 million, temporarily defeated in the cotton wizard "thick soup Wild man" under early 2012, he gathered funds, counterattack, the use of war of attrition and sneak attack station, pinch cotton wonder man "gumbo wild man" because at this time the wild man has been too conceited, open to the public their own ideas and operation records, the results were caught by his weaknesses, a blow that collapse however "Although the victory, but due to excessive input, not much, Ye Dahu only earned 100 million in addition to the cotton battle, Ye Dahu also began to short copper at 6100 points, short PTA at 10700 points, so far these two varieties have brought him a profit of 2 billion at the same time in 4400 points short threads, has gained 500 million profits after the middle of the year to enter the soybean meal single, has also gained about 400 million profits (these data are directly or indirectly with the leaf big household has a relationship with the futures friends to provide, and can not guarantee the authenticity of these data, for reference only) last year his assets reached 7 billion, plus this year has earned 3 billion, has reached 10 billion, from 2003 From 100,000 in 2003 to the current 10 billion, creating a legendary myth in the futures world

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